TAG Rugby - Prague


NBS Rugby are proud to support the growing non contact form of rugby known as TAG rugby.


NBS Rugby have been supplying TAG rugby equipment to schools and clubs for over 15 years.


The TAG rugby belts are made from strong nylon webbing and 50mm Velcro for a quick and easy fastening system. 

TAG Rugby - Belgium

TAG Rugby - Belgium

Tag rugby is a super way of teaching young players handling,running and evasion skills. Rugby Tag Belts from NBS Rugby are recognised by many coaches and teachers as the the best Tag Belts to do this.

NBS Tag Belts have also been made and supplied to the main Spanish Federacion in Madrid as well as Federacion de Balears and Federacion Andalucia and many clubs, colleges and schools in Spain.  NBS Tag is also used by the Unions of Gibraltar and Malta and in schools and clubs as far afield as Singapore.


JUNIOR TAG BELTS (includes 2 tags)

100cm x 5cm

£4.20 each



ADULT TAG BELTS (includes 2 tags)

120cm x 5cm

£4.80 each



38cm x 5cm 

5cm Velcro tab at top

£2.00 per pair


NBS Rugby Tag Belt Bag

Neat and tidy storage for your tag belt kit. Ideal when travelling to away games.

Heavy duty PVC with durable 5cm webbing handles.

60cm x 30cm x 30cm



(Tag belts & tags not included in price)